Weddings and partnerships

   Where you go, I will go...

It is an honor to help you create authentic ritual around your relationship and your dreams for the future. To begin creating your ceremony, I like to spend some time with you; get a sense of who you are as a couple, who you are with each other, who you are in your community. We'll talk about what's important to you - how you envision your life unfolding, what are the values you bring to it. What are your religious backgrounds and your spiritual practices. What makes you laugh together. What makes you cry.

Then we'll design a ceremony together that reflects who you are and the life you imagine for yourselves. Many of my ideas draw from Jewish wedding traditions, often reinterpreted as needed so as to be accessible and poignant to you and your loved ones. Into this mix I will bring music, humor, respect for who you are and awe at what you are entering into together. Together we will make magic.

Working with Irwin to create our wedding ceremony was a pleasure at every step along the way; the best part of our wedding planning for sure! We felt that the ceremony belonged to us while being deeply enriched by Irwin’s many creative and thoughtful suggestions. Irwin is an intuitive storyteller who infused our ceremony with wisdom and meaning for all who attended, many from very different cultural and religious backgrounds. Not a dry eye in the house - and he’s funny too!
We grew up in different parts of the country and our families met for the first time on our wedding day. Because Irwin is a natural community builder, gifted at helping those around him feel at ease, our families’ meeting was a warm, joyous, and jitter-free occasion for all.
— Liat and Ryan
Our wedding ceremony was more than we could have ever hoped for. Having been brought up in different religious and cultural backgrounds, we wanted a ceremony that represented our commonalities and at the same time honored our individual roots. With grace and confidence, Irwin led a seamless ceremony that was tangible to all. His singing and his words conjured an environment of brightness, love, and support. Tears flowed throughout the crowd and several of our friends commented that it was the most beautiful marriage they had ever witnessed.
— The Zagers