I come from a long line of music-makers. My dad was a bandleader and sax man. His mother played piano for silent movies. My mom was a pianist too. And my sister LYNN KELLER is a professional bass player. When I was little, our temple choir would rehearse in our living room. READ HERE about how that affected my love of the music of Max Janowski.

I grew up with an expectation of being a musician. Since my early 30s I've been a singer, and spent 21 years performing with THE KINSEY SICKS, America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet, producing 8 albums, a critically acclaimed Off-Broadway show and thousands of performances around the world.

Below is some work of mine for ritual use, as well as a recent setting of a Yiddish poem by Rokhl Korn.

A gentle welcome to the Ne'ilah service at the end of Yom Kippur, written and performed by Irwin Keller. It is a call-and-response format, and the leader may vary the lyrics; depending on where your heart is leading, the fourth line could be "you won't turn away," "please don't turn away" or "we won't turn away." Or mix and match!

A mostly-English interpretive setting of the High Holy Day prayer, Unetaneh Tokef. Written for Ner Shalom by Irwin Keller; performed by Irwin Keller and Rabbi Eli Cohen.

This is a setting of the beautiful Rokhl Korn poem, "Fun Yener Zayt Lid," music by Irwin Keller and Lorenzo Valensi, (c) 2014. Caught on film at Nehirim Camp, August 8, 2015, by Steve Kolodny.

And a blast from the past: a classic Kinsey Sicks clip, starring Kevin Smith Kirkwood as Trixie and Irwin Keller as Winnie. Filmed at San Francisco's Herbst Theatre in 2003. In this scene, we learn about Winnie's dirty little secret. And we hear her sing, "Clean," words and music by Irwin Keller.