Welcome to irwinkeller.com and Itzik's Well!

About me: I am a spiritual leader, teacher, writer, music-maker and performer. I have served as spiritual leader of Congregation Ner Shalom in Sonoma County, California since 2008, and am continuing my studies through the Aleph rabbinic ordination program.

If you check out my blog, Itzik's Well, you'll see what I am driven to think and write about: life, loss, family, hope, change, Torah, gender, sexuality and the usefulness of an outsider's perspective. I like to invite active imagining and re-imagining of the core stories of our tradition. I like to find the humor in the serious, and to locate the serious in the humor. And I believe that all of us who have felt like we didn't fit in have important lessons to teach Judaism and the world, and that the world, and Judaism, will grow and change with us.

What else? I have a past. I was once a lawyer and advocate (including being the primary author of Chicago's first gay rights law). And I had the distinct honor of being a negligibly famous singing drag queen, performing for 21 years with America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet, the Kinsey Sicks - dubbed by NPR as "the Royal Shakespeare Company of drag performance."


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Thanks for visiting the site. Wander around. I look forward to being in touch.