Sonoma Mountain

Funerals and Memorials

Loss can hit you in many different ways, and can be very destabilizing. Some people are surprised at how important they find it to connect with Jewish ritual and tradition in these moments, even if they don't at other times in their lives. Jewish traditions of mourning - including the period called shivah and the repeated recitation of the Kaddish prayer - can be profound ways to hold your grief fully and lovingly, and to honor the person you lost.

I am happy to be available to help you navigate such a difficult time. While I can bring you traditional Jewish practices, it is important to me to offer flexibility and creativity so that whatever ritual we do together honors and reflects the life and values of the person you lost, and is comfortable and comforting for the mourners. 

Along with the ability to officiate at funerals and memorials, I am available to lead a shivah minyan - a prayer service in your home for you and your loved ones, giving you a traditional opportunity to say kaddish and for loved ones to share their stories.


appreciations given:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. The service you created was spot on, just the right tone and content, and we are very grateful for your coordination and support." 

"Thank you for the wonderful gracious words you gave us yesterday at the memorial. They truly resonated with us on many levels: love, loss, sadness, joy, hope, community, and the mystery of the human experience."